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The design process can range from simply styling a bedroom to completely renovating a home's interior. Depending on the project, work can be independent or alongside architects and building designers to personalise and optimism the potential of your project's kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, living room and more...

initial meeting

1. Initial Meeting

The first meeting can be held from home, office or onsite. There is no commitment or cost involved. This time is used to discuss your ideas, expectations, plans and goals for your project.


It is helpful for you to bring as much visual documentation as possible, such as magazine clippings, photos, references to websites and existing floor plans so I can better understand your vision.


Alternatively, I am happy work with you to determine the possibilities of your space and help you discover your own look and unique style.


Design Concept

2. Concept Design

3. Specifying Design

After choosing to continue... the design process is discussed in detail, realistic parameters are provided, the project budget is clarified and an overall fee structure determined.


I then collate and evaluate all the information, researching and preparing styles and images I think will inspire and reflect your project’s brief.


Visual tools used to display the initial concepts may be in the form of mood boards, 3D SketchUp  images and ‘walk thrus’, and actual sample presentation.


On presentation I welcome any feedback and revision from you.


Sourcing Design

I piece together your unique style by selecting and sourcing the best products and materials to suit your budget and vision.


Selected products, materials and appliances are clearly set out in a trade schedule for easy reference and evaluation.


Joinery is presented in working drawings ready to be sent for tender to various trades and suppliers to ensure the best price and quality of service is achieved.






4. Construction + Installation


Trade schedule and working drawings are finalised and approved, and depending on your choice, I can oversee all selections, which can include ordering furnishing materials and products, liaising with builders, trades, suppliers and manufacturers and then ensuring an efficient, quality and safe installation of all items.

Or, you are free to complete this process yourself.

5. Styling

The final stage of the design process is interior styling, which may include sourcing and purchasing an assortment of furnishings for the home or rearranging existing pieces to ensure the space is working its best.

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